Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Dear Qhaliesya,

You are such a small newborn, even your father didn't have the guts to hold on you since he's scared that he might hurt your cute little body ;-D

This picture above was taken when i bring you home, you are about few days by then ;-D Just look at your adorable little fingers and mouth.. ahhhhh... ;-)

You are so reddish on your 1st week, that is why you are so fair skin ;-D you still have your birth hair, hair that tickle me when i'm pregnant with you, haha..

Dear Kelly, this is the first night you spent with your mommy, your first night on earth.. Look how close you are when you are with me... super cute ;-D

This is your second day on earth, we are about to take you home with us by this time, just waiting for the doctors approval ;-D i just love you pouts ;D you should thank Angelina Jolie for those lips, coz' i'm so addicted to her face when i'm pregnant with you.. 

You can read all the information about yourself there.. hahaha ;-D

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