Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your 'Ayah' Before Your 'Ibu' Came Along

Dear Qhaliesya..

Your father didn't have that many picture of him back then, i don't know why really.. Maybe he have them but keep it at his old home @ Tawau, Sabah.. haha.. So i'm sure you know alot about your father by now, but i just wanted to show you some picture of him before he became Mr Emie.. hahaha =P

 This is your father with his cousin when he is about 7-8 years old.. Try figure out which one is your father dear.. haha ;-D

He with his cousin, man, seriously.. your father have like so many cousin that i'm sure he also can't remember them all.. haha.. But i think this is his cousin from Indonesia (your Nenek side of the family) But i'm not really sure.. ;P

Well, your father use to be adventurous and all into extreme stuff but since he turn 30 he hate all those extreme stuff, he doesn't even want to ride the roller coaster with me.. How sad..! huhu.. (btw, don't ask me who that girl behind him, i don't know.. really..)

Forget to mention, your father use to be an heavy smoker back before he married me.. But luckily now he only smokes in the bathroom.. Yay..
 Ayah with his co-worker..

Ayah with Mak Rock.. Yup dear, he knows your aunt first before me. They were friend back then.. He notice me since i always follow your aunt behind all the time.. hahaahha ;P

 Well this picture up here, was taken when 'Ibu Have Come Along' since it's our first trip together.. And your ayah first time in Penang.. This picture was taken behind the Sleeping Buddha Temple..

Just so you know, this is your father favorite picture of himself.. He even sent me this picture when we first started dating.. haha.. He still have that shirt, btw ;-D

Ayah with Nenek.. ;-D

Pok Cik Special Design Ibu & Mak Tih Name Card..

Dear Qhaliesya..

Pok Cik Kelly hari ni rajin.. Dia tolong buatkan Ibu name card siap dengan logo lagi tau.. Jadi kalau2 Kelly nanti teringat dan terfikir.. "Macam manalah rupa name card ibu dulu2 kan.." ha, inilah dia.. hehehe

Cantik kan.. hehe.. Yg dekat atas nie, belakang name card tu.. Yg dkt bawah nie, logo Ibu.. Hahaha, jangan main2 tau, ibu awak nie ada logo sendiri.. kelas gitu.. haha..

Dan inilah finishing result dia, cantik kan Pok Cik design untuk ibu dengan Mak Tih.. hopefully with this brand new name card, ramai lg produser2 kat luar tu yang akan notice ibu and bagi job dekat Ibu. Amin..

Plus, utk pengetahuan Kelly.. Sebab apa ibu pilih warna Hijau & Cokelat ni adalah sebab Kelly suka sgt warna Hijau, you always respond to that color and love anything with green color on it, even tin rokok Wan yg warna hijau pun Kelly suka, mentang2 la Wan kelly hisap rokok 'Mild' hehehe..

And chocolate is my favorite color dear.. I love earth toned color... FYI =D

Special Delivery.. 15/04/2010

Dear Qhaliesya,

Well, after 9month of pregnancy.. The day that i've been dreaming of have arrived... Well, it actually begins couple of days earlier ( two sleepless night & the pain is beyond compare ) but i'm not complaining.. Haha :) So you are due to arrived at 22nd April but i know you are too eager to see me and Ayah.. So the journey to your delivery are about 3 days..

(The First Night)

The day was Tuesday when later that night i have this strange cramp around my pelvic area, and i thought that it was just 'angin' but the cramp didn't happen often around 2-3hour apart each.. So i tried to sleep a little bit that night but the cramp getting worst.. I didn't think that i'm in labor coz' i still got couple more weeks to go (because your aunt 'Mak Tih' convince me that i'm going to be overdue, as everyone else in this family are overdue when having their first child.. But you are special, baby ;D

So i'm telling your father that i'm having this really horrible pain but considering it's his first too, he don't know what to do.. I still remember me keep flipping 'Detik-Detik Kelahiran' book that i've bought few days earlier, thinking that this book gonna tell me everything i've should have know..

The book even wrote that if the pain are irregular, you are not in labor (stupid book) So i just suck in the pain of back cramp and pelvic cramp.. Your grandma are already freak out when i told her that night, but she also told me that maybe i'm not in labor coz' my belly still wayyy up.. (back in the old days, people know your about to give birth when your belly are pulled down near your pelvic and have gap between your belly and your breast)

(The Second Day)

Girl, this day is unforgettable, i was in so much pain only god can imagine.. When the contraction begin to hurt a little too much, i just stand up, and try to walk around and all.. Your father was at work that day (as usual) I didn't eat anything because i'm in too much pain, but i still convince that i'm not in labor (how silly i am.. but, it's my first so i seriously don't know what to do or expect)

So i keep on texting your dad telling him how much pain i'm suffering but he couldn't come home early that day (sigh) so my father keep asking me either i want to to hospital or stay home wait for your father.. And i choose the to stay in pain at home (stupid, stupid) Should have got my drug aka epidural by then..

Later that night, i didn't have any sleep at all so does your father as he try to help ease the pain a little bit by massage and hold me tight, your grandparent by now have totally freak out mostly your 'Tok' coz' she always hate to see her kids in pain..

(Delivery Day)

At 9am i've called my sister (Ida) and told her i'm in pain and she decided to get me straight to the medical center.. So i took a bath (trying to cope with the pain) and check in to Naluri with your Dad, Mak Rock and Mak Tih..

The nurse was so shock that when i arrived there i'm already 5cm open.. So sent me to labor room and i still remember when at the check out room there was like 3other pregnant women waiting before me, but they wasn't ready yet, so i'm the first one to deliver that day..

This picture was taken when we arrived at the labor room, waiting for an specialist to drug me up.. haha, epidural (QHALIESYA, WHEN IT'S YOUR TIME TO GIVE BIRTH.. USE EPIDURALLLL!!!!!) hahaha..

You can see from this video, the labor room, me anxious, ayah scared.. hahaha.. ;D

So they put some stripe on my belly to check your heartbeat and i can hear your heartbeat 'bum bum bum bum'.. so exciting.. ;-P

This is the last picture taken when you are still in my belly.. It's about half an hour or less before i give birth after this picture was taken.. So i'm just staying in the labor room, your father was freezing because of the room temperature..

Then the Dr. Zanaria walk in and take a look down there and said 'Ok, Emie.. It's Time To Push'... i was like.. "Whattt??!! So Soon??" hahaha.. So i gather all my strength and push you out.. And i still remember the doctor and nurse all keep on telling me 'Sikit lagi, sikit lagi.. Push Push Push, very good emie, push"... hahaha..

Then out came you... ;D Look at yourself Qhaliesya.. This is the first second of your life on earth ;D Phuhhhh, after all that time, the struggle, the fight, the everything that i've to went through for the last 9month.. You finally arrived ;-D

This is the first time that i hold you in my hand, you were crying.. so am i.. I'm so happy to have you, Adza Qhaliesya Bt Md Zainal.. this beautiful adorable everything that i ever wanted as my daughter.. my first born.. =D

The moment your ayah hold you close and 'Azan' on your ear suddenly you just stay quite ;D You still have blood, fluid all over your body in this picture ;-D

Adza Qhaliesya Bt Md Zainal
2.55kg, time of birth 11:58AM, Thursday..

Monday, October 11, 2010

Ever Wonder How You Look Like In Ibu's Tummy??

Hahaha.. Dear Qhaliesya.. Do you know one of the thing that i wish to know, is how do i look like when i'm still in your grandma belly, with all those fluid and all.. And the moment i know i'm having you, i'm more than determine to keep evey little thing about you, that's the reason i created this blogged so that i can document everything.

So this is your sonogram and do try to figure out what is what aite.. haha,  the first sonogram was taken when you around 22weeks, and it's at Roopi Medical Center.. around Jln Ipoh KL, and by this time the doctor hv confirm to me, quote 'you are having an healthy baby girl' ;D

And this sonogram picture was taken around 32 weeks into my pregnancy with you.. You can see clearly from this sonogram your nose & beautiful lips.. And you always show us your behind when were are doing the scan.. Always a shy girl ;D

Not to mention that this picture was taken at Pusat Perubatan Naluri @ Wangsa Maju.. The place where you were born and your doctor is Dr. Zanaria.. =P

We just have two sonogram picture taken coz' your dad was too concern about the effect of scanning using some kind of X-Ray.. ;D he always too concern about u dear :)

During my pregnancy, you were an active baby, always kicking me around and all, and you love to moves around my belly when i'm laying flat aka sleeping.. But i always remember that the best sleep i ever have is when i'm pregnant, i'm a great sleeper back then and woke up around 8am everyday.. Now.. hahahaha.. =P

You should know that i'm really excited the time i'm going to the clinic doing my monthly check up, knowing that i'm going to hear your heartbeat and look at you ;-P

Friday, October 8, 2010

I Found Out I Was Pregnant..

Well, i gotta admit that when i found out i was having you in my belly i was in total shock!! No kidding, i was with your dad when i took the test and it was mind blowing considering i found out that i'm pregnant when i'm about 4 1/2 month along.. Fuhh, you are one shy girl in there.. Didn't show any sign at all, no moring sickness, no craving (well before i got around 7 month).. People usually said that on the early day of your pregnancy you will be super tired and all, but i'm not on that boat. I was pumped and energize..

(pic above : in my 1st trimester)

I always spent time at The Pub, place where your auntie use to sing, i was there like every night, all smiley coz' somehow i'm felling so happy.. Doctor said it was just hormone ;P I must say that i look pretty good when i'm pregges, my belly didn't show too much.. You are pretty shy in there, Kelly..

 This picture was taken when i'm about 5 1/2 month along with you.. I still look good did i, haha, not too fat, you see this picture below was taken when i'm about 4 month pregges (i didn't know you were in there at this time missy)
This picture was taken during ur aunt Lynn bachelor night party, i was her brides maid.. ;D And this picture below was taken during i'm about 6 1/2 month along, man.. at this time my back felt like hell.. Too much pain that i always have to put pillow behind my back whenever i wanted to sleep..

(pic above : at my birthday party.. going to my 2nd trimester)

I weight about 63kg at this time, fuhh, with just 5'1 tall, i'm overweight but that fine considering i'm pregnant, hope by the time you read this i have shed all my baby weight.. hahaha ;P   

And at this time me and all your aunt are at KLCC, we were just hanging out while your father having his job interview at Mandrin Oriental next to KLCC.. Oh, did i mention that during the time i'm carring you around, i have this horrible craving.. Corn, Corn, Corn.. I never use to like it that much before..

This picture was taken about few weeks before i give birth.. I didn't like my hair long, (i do actually) but the time waiting for your hair to grow long that i didn't like.. haha;P Well, another thing that i love so much while pregnant with you is, sawing.. i hand stitch your grandma curtin once and everything that is torn ;P

Not to mention how much i look to cook.. After i give birth to you, i didn't really cook as much as i did when you are inside of me.. So if you have mad skill of sawing and cooking.. You know from who you get that from aite.. ;D

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Day We Were Officially Man & Wife

So, Qhaliesya dear.. This is the day that me & ur father wed ;-D it's was a simple and intimate wedding as just us Adza family and his sibling's ;D

Was i nervous? it is notorious among bride to be that they will be super nervous and shaking.. But it's an total different situation for me, i wasn't nervous at all, just calm and ready to be ur father wife ;-D haha..


I didn't have any sleep at all the night before my 'akad nikah', busy decorating my room and tidy up the whole house;-D Woke up around 8-9am and yup, did feel a little dizzy and nervous but ready that for sure ;-D The ceremony took place at nearby 'sekolah agama' around AU5.. It start at 11am ;-D

Arriving there with my family and the anxiety did kick in a little, and i saw your father look super nervous, haha ;P We didn't talk or even look eye to eye when we both arrive there, just standing with our own family.. Then the 'Tok Kadi' arrive and he start giving us a little 'ceremah' about what wedding life going to be, and so on....

Your grandfather, Adenan Arshad become my 'Wali' and giving me away, ur Pak Tih (Martias Ali) Pok Cik (Adza Edie) become witness to the 'akad nikah';-D i have my mother beside me and my mother in law on the other side, ur Mak Tih (Adza Irdawati) also there and your Mak Rock (Adza Rina) were also there and my cousin, Kak Kinah.. Your Mak Ngah doesn't made it by that time.. as u'll grow up you will understand her 'time management' problem.. hahahaha... But she was there via 3G ;-D

Well, he is all mine a second after that picture is taken, haha.. What do i feel the minute i became your father wife? hurmm.. Calm, like really really in peace and i know that i made the best choice with my life, even thou' i was just 20 when i married him but it all for good, and i have you.. ;D

This is how our life together begin, and let's hope by the time you read this we still happy and in love as always.. amin ;-D and the best thing is that, the result of our union is YOU.. Adza Qhaliesya Bt. Mohd Zainal... you are a blessing and god gift from heaven to me.. (well, all your sister/brother too - sometime soon) but till then, i want nobody2 but you.. hahahaha ;-P


My beautiful niece, Adza Danina Kirana was very excited about her school having an Carnival ;D so she keep talking about it non stop and keep asking me 'will you come to my school carnival this 9th October' ;-D And the next thing i know, she come home from school today with a pair of beautiful second hand baby shoes ;-D

So Qhaliesya, you have to always remember your cousin sweet gesture toward you ;-D she bought you this pair of beautiful shoes using her own pocket money, instead of buying it for her own little sister..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Gosh, i really love that show how i met your mother.. it's an total classic ;-D so this post it's more to an story for my beautiful daughter Qhaliesya, who know maybe when she turn 13, she might bumped into her mother blogged.. so baby, this is how i met ur father..

Zainal, zainal, zainal.. he is known with his silent, but not when he's around me.. He start texting  me with this quote that i'll never forget "hai i love malaysia, tgh buat apa".. because he see me earlier wearing that shirt 'I love Malaysia', but didn't have the balls to talk to me face to face, so he ask my number from a friend of mine and text me that... And it's the start of our relationship..

He work at the very famous and insanely expensive restaurant here in KL named Lafite (Shangri La Hotel) and your auntie D'adza Band sings at The Pub, upstairs in the same hotel.. and we begin dating back in 08', funny thing is that we always meet each other in front if the hotel..

I seriously don't have any ideas on why and how i could fall for your father so hard and so fast, but i guess we were meant for each other (cliche enough) and i still remember on our 1st date he took me to One Utama and we watch Twilight (the 1st installment) and it was a great date ;D

Few month later, i found myself being mrs.Zainal and i couldn't ask for more than that ;D so now you know 'how i met ur father' ;-)

trying to blogged..


it's the first time i tried to blogged and create my own blogged.. man, i can assure you that it's quite hard to understand anything by now, but hope it's all good.. My sister is the one that convince me that i have to start blogging, and maybe i can blogged about my precious daughter, Adza Qhaliesya. 

now with her sleeping soundly next to me, i switch on my laptop and begin.. (say all together now) BLOGGING.. so this is my first post and i will keep on posting soon about.. well, what else, me myself and my beautiful daughter..
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