Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bathroom Imagination :D

Everyone went to the bathroom at least once a day, and trust me they are lie in when they said they don't do a little bit of 'imagination' while their in there.. ;D

This might sound crazy, but i love to imagine myself doing a talk show or an interview every time am in there.. Really, imagining that the host are asking me "so how do you juggle being famous, and filthy rich with taking care of your beautiful daughter Kelly?"

hahahahaha.. You will get addicted to imagining yourself being well known once you start it.. I got so many types of question that 'Oprah' would ask me when she's interviewing me, that it kinda felt almost real then again you look around and you are in your own bathroom not a studio set.. *sighh*

So i know, you might be thinking "why on earth did my Ibu wrote about what she thinks while in the toilet" and the simple answer is that, i just want you to know that it's fine even great to have such a big imagination.. Really, when you are feeling down, bored, and like life doesn't treat you right.. you can always go to the toilet and start your very own bathroom imagination.. ;D

I love u so much my dear Qhaliesya :D

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