Friday, December 10, 2010

Dealing With Insomnia.. *sigh**

Dear Qhaliesya,

As am writing this post, it's almost 6.30am.. Wonder why i have such a hard time falling asleep.. it's not like i didn't try, but i just couldn't.. Well, actually i did figure out why i can't shut my eyes before 6 or 7am.. it just i don't have that much time during the day to actually enjoying the internet, facebooking, blogging, and such.. So you (about 8month now) always sleeps after 3am.. so this are kinda the only time i can just relax and chill..

Am i tired? hell yes.. am super duper tired, but i just can't miss out venturing what's going right now via the internet.. haha, i even stop making any sense writing this down now, because i'm so tired... But i think i really need to update my blog.. ;D

If you wanted to know what was my favorite page to browse and check out is this page Celebrity News  gosh am so addicted to that page..!! haha, and we both wakes up around 3-4pm everyday and am starting to feel like we are wasting precious time during the day, even when the weekend arrived, sunday (the only day that your father had his day off) we woke up around that time. So by the time we are ready to cruise around the city, every mall or even hang out place have already close.. huhu..

Come on Kelly, i think we need to start doing something about out sleeping route.!! I need to teach you and most importantly myself to sleep earlier and wake up much much earlier then our routine now... ;D

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