Saturday, December 11, 2010

Me = Script Writer

Dear Qhaliesya,

Maybe by the time you start reading this blog, i might be an award winning screen writer (who knew) or i might be something else that doesn't do anything with writing industries..

So if you want to know, i start writing script when am around 15years old.. My brother in law (Mr Martias) is the one who thought me how to write script.. and i get paid well :D (considering am just 15 at that time) Until now i didn't know whether it's passion or just talent that keep me striving thru' the writing industry..

I've written or co written about 15 drama's and telemovie's and still counting i hope, because i want you to know that when one day you meet the guy of your dream (and Ibu approve) haha, i want you to have your own thing that could fall back on, because there is no guarantee in love, even after you are married and have children, you need to be independent!!!!

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