Thursday, October 14, 2010

Your 'Ayah' Before Your 'Ibu' Came Along

Dear Qhaliesya..

Your father didn't have that many picture of him back then, i don't know why really.. Maybe he have them but keep it at his old home @ Tawau, Sabah.. haha.. So i'm sure you know alot about your father by now, but i just wanted to show you some picture of him before he became Mr Emie.. hahaha =P

 This is your father with his cousin when he is about 7-8 years old.. Try figure out which one is your father dear.. haha ;-D

He with his cousin, man, seriously.. your father have like so many cousin that i'm sure he also can't remember them all.. haha.. But i think this is his cousin from Indonesia (your Nenek side of the family) But i'm not really sure.. ;P

Well, your father use to be adventurous and all into extreme stuff but since he turn 30 he hate all those extreme stuff, he doesn't even want to ride the roller coaster with me.. How sad..! huhu.. (btw, don't ask me who that girl behind him, i don't know.. really..)

Forget to mention, your father use to be an heavy smoker back before he married me.. But luckily now he only smokes in the bathroom.. Yay..
 Ayah with his co-worker..

Ayah with Mak Rock.. Yup dear, he knows your aunt first before me. They were friend back then.. He notice me since i always follow your aunt behind all the time.. hahaahha ;P

 Well this picture up here, was taken when 'Ibu Have Come Along' since it's our first trip together.. And your ayah first time in Penang.. This picture was taken behind the Sleeping Buddha Temple..

Just so you know, this is your father favorite picture of himself.. He even sent me this picture when we first started dating.. haha.. He still have that shirt, btw ;-D

Ayah with Nenek.. ;-D

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