Friday, October 8, 2010

I Found Out I Was Pregnant..

Well, i gotta admit that when i found out i was having you in my belly i was in total shock!! No kidding, i was with your dad when i took the test and it was mind blowing considering i found out that i'm pregnant when i'm about 4 1/2 month along.. Fuhh, you are one shy girl in there.. Didn't show any sign at all, no moring sickness, no craving (well before i got around 7 month).. People usually said that on the early day of your pregnancy you will be super tired and all, but i'm not on that boat. I was pumped and energize..

(pic above : in my 1st trimester)

I always spent time at The Pub, place where your auntie use to sing, i was there like every night, all smiley coz' somehow i'm felling so happy.. Doctor said it was just hormone ;P I must say that i look pretty good when i'm pregges, my belly didn't show too much.. You are pretty shy in there, Kelly..

 This picture was taken when i'm about 5 1/2 month along with you.. I still look good did i, haha, not too fat, you see this picture below was taken when i'm about 4 month pregges (i didn't know you were in there at this time missy)
This picture was taken during ur aunt Lynn bachelor night party, i was her brides maid.. ;D And this picture below was taken during i'm about 6 1/2 month along, man.. at this time my back felt like hell.. Too much pain that i always have to put pillow behind my back whenever i wanted to sleep..

(pic above : at my birthday party.. going to my 2nd trimester)

I weight about 63kg at this time, fuhh, with just 5'1 tall, i'm overweight but that fine considering i'm pregnant, hope by the time you read this i have shed all my baby weight.. hahaha ;P   

And at this time me and all your aunt are at KLCC, we were just hanging out while your father having his job interview at Mandrin Oriental next to KLCC.. Oh, did i mention that during the time i'm carring you around, i have this horrible craving.. Corn, Corn, Corn.. I never use to like it that much before..

This picture was taken about few weeks before i give birth.. I didn't like my hair long, (i do actually) but the time waiting for your hair to grow long that i didn't like.. haha;P Well, another thing that i love so much while pregnant with you is, sawing.. i hand stitch your grandma curtin once and everything that is torn ;P

Not to mention how much i look to cook.. After i give birth to you, i didn't really cook as much as i did when you are inside of me.. So if you have mad skill of sawing and cooking.. You know from who you get that from aite.. ;D

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