Thursday, October 14, 2010

Special Delivery.. 15/04/2010

Dear Qhaliesya,

Well, after 9month of pregnancy.. The day that i've been dreaming of have arrived... Well, it actually begins couple of days earlier ( two sleepless night & the pain is beyond compare ) but i'm not complaining.. Haha :) So you are due to arrived at 22nd April but i know you are too eager to see me and Ayah.. So the journey to your delivery are about 3 days..

(The First Night)

The day was Tuesday when later that night i have this strange cramp around my pelvic area, and i thought that it was just 'angin' but the cramp didn't happen often around 2-3hour apart each.. So i tried to sleep a little bit that night but the cramp getting worst.. I didn't think that i'm in labor coz' i still got couple more weeks to go (because your aunt 'Mak Tih' convince me that i'm going to be overdue, as everyone else in this family are overdue when having their first child.. But you are special, baby ;D

So i'm telling your father that i'm having this really horrible pain but considering it's his first too, he don't know what to do.. I still remember me keep flipping 'Detik-Detik Kelahiran' book that i've bought few days earlier, thinking that this book gonna tell me everything i've should have know..

The book even wrote that if the pain are irregular, you are not in labor (stupid book) So i just suck in the pain of back cramp and pelvic cramp.. Your grandma are already freak out when i told her that night, but she also told me that maybe i'm not in labor coz' my belly still wayyy up.. (back in the old days, people know your about to give birth when your belly are pulled down near your pelvic and have gap between your belly and your breast)

(The Second Day)

Girl, this day is unforgettable, i was in so much pain only god can imagine.. When the contraction begin to hurt a little too much, i just stand up, and try to walk around and all.. Your father was at work that day (as usual) I didn't eat anything because i'm in too much pain, but i still convince that i'm not in labor (how silly i am.. but, it's my first so i seriously don't know what to do or expect)

So i keep on texting your dad telling him how much pain i'm suffering but he couldn't come home early that day (sigh) so my father keep asking me either i want to to hospital or stay home wait for your father.. And i choose the to stay in pain at home (stupid, stupid) Should have got my drug aka epidural by then..

Later that night, i didn't have any sleep at all so does your father as he try to help ease the pain a little bit by massage and hold me tight, your grandparent by now have totally freak out mostly your 'Tok' coz' she always hate to see her kids in pain..

(Delivery Day)

At 9am i've called my sister (Ida) and told her i'm in pain and she decided to get me straight to the medical center.. So i took a bath (trying to cope with the pain) and check in to Naluri with your Dad, Mak Rock and Mak Tih..

The nurse was so shock that when i arrived there i'm already 5cm open.. So sent me to labor room and i still remember when at the check out room there was like 3other pregnant women waiting before me, but they wasn't ready yet, so i'm the first one to deliver that day..

This picture was taken when we arrived at the labor room, waiting for an specialist to drug me up.. haha, epidural (QHALIESYA, WHEN IT'S YOUR TIME TO GIVE BIRTH.. USE EPIDURALLLL!!!!!) hahaha..

You can see from this video, the labor room, me anxious, ayah scared.. hahaha.. ;D

So they put some stripe on my belly to check your heartbeat and i can hear your heartbeat 'bum bum bum bum'.. so exciting.. ;-P

This is the last picture taken when you are still in my belly.. It's about half an hour or less before i give birth after this picture was taken.. So i'm just staying in the labor room, your father was freezing because of the room temperature..

Then the Dr. Zanaria walk in and take a look down there and said 'Ok, Emie.. It's Time To Push'... i was like.. "Whattt??!! So Soon??" hahaha.. So i gather all my strength and push you out.. And i still remember the doctor and nurse all keep on telling me 'Sikit lagi, sikit lagi.. Push Push Push, very good emie, push"... hahaha..

Then out came you... ;D Look at yourself Qhaliesya.. This is the first second of your life on earth ;D Phuhhhh, after all that time, the struggle, the fight, the everything that i've to went through for the last 9month.. You finally arrived ;-D

This is the first time that i hold you in my hand, you were crying.. so am i.. I'm so happy to have you, Adza Qhaliesya Bt Md Zainal.. this beautiful adorable everything that i ever wanted as my daughter.. my first born.. =D

The moment your ayah hold you close and 'Azan' on your ear suddenly you just stay quite ;D You still have blood, fluid all over your body in this picture ;-D

Adza Qhaliesya Bt Md Zainal
2.55kg, time of birth 11:58AM, Thursday..

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