Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Gosh, i really love that show how i met your mother.. it's an total classic ;-D so this post it's more to an story for my beautiful daughter Qhaliesya, who know maybe when she turn 13, she might bumped into her mother blogged.. so baby, this is how i met ur father..

Zainal, zainal, zainal.. he is known with his silent, but not when he's around me.. He start texting  me with this quote that i'll never forget "hai i love malaysia, tgh buat apa".. because he see me earlier wearing that shirt 'I love Malaysia', but didn't have the balls to talk to me face to face, so he ask my number from a friend of mine and text me that... And it's the start of our relationship..

He work at the very famous and insanely expensive restaurant here in KL named Lafite (Shangri La Hotel) and your auntie D'adza Band sings at The Pub, upstairs in the same hotel.. and we begin dating back in 08', funny thing is that we always meet each other in front if the hotel..

I seriously don't have any ideas on why and how i could fall for your father so hard and so fast, but i guess we were meant for each other (cliche enough) and i still remember on our 1st date he took me to One Utama and we watch Twilight (the 1st installment) and it was a great date ;D

Few month later, i found myself being mrs.Zainal and i couldn't ask for more than that ;D so now you know 'how i met ur father' ;-)

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