Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Day We Were Officially Man & Wife

So, Qhaliesya dear.. This is the day that me & ur father wed ;-D it's was a simple and intimate wedding as just us Adza family and his sibling's ;D

Was i nervous? it is notorious among bride to be that they will be super nervous and shaking.. But it's an total different situation for me, i wasn't nervous at all, just calm and ready to be ur father wife ;-D haha..


I didn't have any sleep at all the night before my 'akad nikah', busy decorating my room and tidy up the whole house;-D Woke up around 8-9am and yup, did feel a little dizzy and nervous but ready that for sure ;-D The ceremony took place at nearby 'sekolah agama' around AU5.. It start at 11am ;-D

Arriving there with my family and the anxiety did kick in a little, and i saw your father look super nervous, haha ;P We didn't talk or even look eye to eye when we both arrive there, just standing with our own family.. Then the 'Tok Kadi' arrive and he start giving us a little 'ceremah' about what wedding life going to be, and so on....

Your grandfather, Adenan Arshad become my 'Wali' and giving me away, ur Pak Tih (Martias Ali) Pok Cik (Adza Edie) become witness to the 'akad nikah';-D i have my mother beside me and my mother in law on the other side, ur Mak Tih (Adza Irdawati) also there and your Mak Rock (Adza Rina) were also there and my cousin, Kak Kinah.. Your Mak Ngah doesn't made it by that time.. as u'll grow up you will understand her 'time management' problem.. hahahaha... But she was there via 3G ;-D

Well, he is all mine a second after that picture is taken, haha.. What do i feel the minute i became your father wife? hurmm.. Calm, like really really in peace and i know that i made the best choice with my life, even thou' i was just 20 when i married him but it all for good, and i have you.. ;D

This is how our life together begin, and let's hope by the time you read this we still happy and in love as always.. amin ;-D and the best thing is that, the result of our union is YOU.. Adza Qhaliesya Bt. Mohd Zainal... you are a blessing and god gift from heaven to me.. (well, all your sister/brother too - sometime soon) but till then, i want nobody2 but you.. hahahaha ;-P

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