Monday, October 11, 2010

Ever Wonder How You Look Like In Ibu's Tummy??

Hahaha.. Dear Qhaliesya.. Do you know one of the thing that i wish to know, is how do i look like when i'm still in your grandma belly, with all those fluid and all.. And the moment i know i'm having you, i'm more than determine to keep evey little thing about you, that's the reason i created this blogged so that i can document everything.

So this is your sonogram and do try to figure out what is what aite.. haha,  the first sonogram was taken when you around 22weeks, and it's at Roopi Medical Center.. around Jln Ipoh KL, and by this time the doctor hv confirm to me, quote 'you are having an healthy baby girl' ;D

And this sonogram picture was taken around 32 weeks into my pregnancy with you.. You can see clearly from this sonogram your nose & beautiful lips.. And you always show us your behind when were are doing the scan.. Always a shy girl ;D

Not to mention that this picture was taken at Pusat Perubatan Naluri @ Wangsa Maju.. The place where you were born and your doctor is Dr. Zanaria.. =P

We just have two sonogram picture taken coz' your dad was too concern about the effect of scanning using some kind of X-Ray.. ;D he always too concern about u dear :)

During my pregnancy, you were an active baby, always kicking me around and all, and you love to moves around my belly when i'm laying flat aka sleeping.. But i always remember that the best sleep i ever have is when i'm pregnant, i'm a great sleeper back then and woke up around 8am everyday.. Now.. hahahaha.. =P

You should know that i'm really excited the time i'm going to the clinic doing my monthly check up, knowing that i'm going to hear your heartbeat and look at you ;-P

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how i wish i could keep u inside of me forever....

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