Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Celebratin' Ibu 21st Birthday

Dear Qhaliesya,

Everyone know that when it's your 21st birthday, it's THE birthday you are allowed to get all wild and crazy.. Dancing in the club, having lots of fun, well.. mine is kinda the same just lot more child friendly.. hahahaha..

frankly, i do wish that i have that crazy birthday party in d some club, but been there done that.. haha, so for my 'legal' birthday.. I've brings all of the Adza clan and celebrate it at Monkey Bar, Legend Hotel..

You are about, 8month by my 21st birthday, and i love the facts that i just turn 21 (7/dec/10) and i have a cute baby and hansome husband, instade of crazy, unstable, self centered boyfriend and friends.. hahahaha..

Bad news, it just every pic that was taken is either blur or shaky, darn it.. hahaha.. But it still so much fun..

siap kek bday ibu salah eja nama ibu lagi tu.. hahahahaha

And just think about it, when am celebrating my 30th birthday, you'll be 8years old.. ;D

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