Friday, March 4, 2011

Coping with Kelly's Itchy Skin & Eczema

Dear Qhaliesya,

I still remember the 1st time i found out you have eczema  problems. You are about 9month and your leg's suddenly have so many swollen spot's just like you were bitten by bugs or bees even.. That scared the hell outta' me and your grandparents too..

That is the scar that you have even 2month after your eczema attack.. My poor precious baby girl.. :C and just so you know, every single day i would spread your whole body with Johnson's Baby Lotion, and am sure you have amazing skin - thanks to me.. ahaks..

So here are thing's you should know about eczema Kelly ;D

Eczema is an unpredictable skin condition which can flare up at any time. Normal healthy skin acts as a barrier to prevent water and heat from getting out and irritants and bacteria from getting in. When your child has eczema the skin fails in its role as a protective barrier and becomes dry, itchy and cracked.
Dry and irritated skin can lead to sleepless nights for you and your child. Eczema is becoming more common - as many as one in five children suffer from eczema at some point in their childhood.

How will I know if my child has eczema?

Areas particularly prone to eczema include the back of knees and elbows, the wrists, face and neck. Affected skin around the creases of the body, such as back of the knee, can become very hot and weepy. Other areas prone to eczema can become very dry and flaky. Skin can be intensely itchy and repeated scratching can cause the skin to crack and bleed which could, potentially, lead to the skin thickening and even scarring.

What causes eczema?

No-one is certain of the cause of eczema in children, but it tends to run in families, so if you suffered as a child there’s an increased chance your child will suffer of eczema too. Other triggers can include dust, pets, pollen, stress or anxiety. Diet can also play a role with wheat, dairy and citrus products being common triggers.


How to treat eczema:

Eczema is a difficult condition for your child to live with. It may flare up and die down at different times and there is no cure known at present. The good news is that most children grow out of it in time. Trying to stop your child from scratching may seem impossible at times. Scratch mittens can be used with young babies. With older children try praising them for not scratching rather than punishing them when they do. Depending on the severity of the flare-up, eczema can be treated using both prescription (chosen by your doctor) and over-the-counter preparations. Caring for your child's skin is vital and there is a range of emollient products available that are suitable for children such as E45 junior (Suitable from 12 months) or E45 Cream* which is suitable for all the family. (*Always read the label).

What else can I do?

Use tepid water for cleansing as hot water can irritate the skin and cause further itching. Avoid using bubble baths and soap as these can be drying for the skin. Instead try a soap-free formula like E45 foaming bath milk which combines the fun of soft and creamy foam with a soothing milk to gently cleanse and moisturise children’s skin.
Use cotton clothing & bedding as it will keep the skin cooler which will reduce itching. The use of non-biological washing powders can also reduce contact with irritants.
The level of humidity in your home may have an effect on your child’s skin. Minimising central heating, keeping rooms cool and vacuuming regularly to reduce dust mites can all help.
Children with eczema should avoid contact with someone who has a cold sore as much as possible. The virus in the cold sore can attack eczema prone skin causing a widespread infection.
Keep an eye on your child’s diet. The role of food in triggering eczema flare-ups is not fully understood. However, it may be helpful to keep a food diary to identify any specific foods that trigger your child’s eczema. For further guidance, you could ask your doctor to refer you and your child to a nutritionist.

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