Sunday, March 6, 2011

Your 1st Rocking New Years Eve's On Earth

Dear Qhaliesya,

Since you are born on april 2009, you are bound to celebrate your 1st new years countdown on 31.12.10.. Where? well sweetheart, you celebrate it at The Legend Hotel, PWTC, KL with me, Tok, Mak Tih, Pok Cik and his ex, Auntie Shieffa, and not to forget the special performance of that night, your beloved auntie band, D'Adza.. Your ayah have to work that night, just like any other night.. hahaha

Only after midnight, your daddy arrived to celebrate with us :D

All your aunt, working it out that night..

Just so you know, i just bought that "KIKO" dress for you that afternoon, and it was kinda expensive for me, rm60.. hahaha ;D but u look super adorable in it..

Am sure we are gonna be celebrating so many more great new years together sweetheart.. Ibu loves you so much... xoxoxoxo..

F.Y.I : picture above was taken just second after countdown.. We were dancing on the dancefloor.. haha

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